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Dusty malt and cedar aromatics followed up with flavors of dried fruits, dark cherry and subtle hints of tobacco and black pepper. Excellent companion with grilled Rib Eye Steaks, Sirloin Burgers with Smokey Bacon & Blue Cheese crumbles, and Seasoned Portabella Mushrooms.

15.3 Alc. - 207 Cases produced

OUTSTANDING: Winter Wine Press Northwest 2017
Gold Medal: Savor Northwest 2017
Silver Medal: Walla Walla Valley Wine AVA Competition 2017
Silver Medal: Northwest Food & Wine Festival 2016
Bronze Medal: Cascadia Wine Festival 2017


Hint of leather and boysenberry truffle on the nose. A distinct piquancy of Huckleberry and other dark berries, ripe plums rich on the palate making this wine an ideal companion to Spicy Thai Foods, Lamb, and Bold Sausages. 93% Petit Verdot, 7% Sangiovese

15.4 Alc. - 107 Cases produced

Double Gold Medal: Seattle Wine Awards 2017
Silver Medal: Walla Walla Valley Wine AVA Competition 2017
Silver Medal: Cascadia Wine Festival 2017
Bronze Medal: Tri-Cities Wine Festival 2016


These aromatics will tease the nose with Cocoa, Leather, and a hint of Sherry. Flavors of Rainier Cherry, European Chocolates, and Chokecherry tantalize the tongue seeking savory, spicy foods such as Chorizo, Italian Sausage, and Smokey Grilled Vegetables to satisfy any ravenous appetite.

14.6 Alc. - 98 Cases produced


This blend of 45% Sangiovese, 29% Petit Verdot and 26% Malbec releases a bouquet of earthiness highlighted with Geranium fragrances with a touch of Vanilla and Toasted Marshmallow scents. Taste buds will savor the subtle leather and tobacco notes with deep, dark cherry fruit in this promiscuous blend.

14.7 Alc. - 228 Cases produced


This dry, golden Semillon has all the classic French Bordeaux characteristics one expects. Light honeydew fragrances with great acid, and a subtle citrus lemon /lime finish. Perfect pairing with cheeses, game birds and fresh trout.

13.6 Alc. - 72 Cases produced

Gold Medal: Walla Walla Valley Wine AVA Competition 2017


Rose’ of 100% Sangiovese. P-618 is the designated color swatch for this Sangiovese Rose', designed to help curb the frustrations of the day! Peace and tranquility can be found in this soothing Rose'. A leesy fragrance hiding robust flavors that burst on the palate. Excellent companion for Salmon, Sushi, BBQ Ribs, and Chicken Parmesan.